CAMILA TORO Products are designed for high use and durability because they are made with materials of high quality leather. Its raw material is delicate and natural and can change or irregularities in its tonality that make real the material used and that, being a natural material we demonstrate that no two are alike leathers.
To ensure this, we recommend the following care instructions Leather:

Protection wallets and small leather:
• For leather product, such as a kite, nappa, floater, croco, lizard, firenze, zafiano, etc. It is advisable to protect colorless silicone (aerosol polishes furniture are a good choice).
• Never apply silicone directly on the material before should be applied on a dry cloth and this on the product.
• Never wash in the washing machine or store the product in damp places

Liquid spills:
• In the case of spills, dry the liquid immediately with a clean cloth or a dry absorbent sponge. Do not rub. Lugo dry with a clean towel and allow to dry the article in the environment. (No sun)

Oil or Fat:
• For stains with oils or fats refer to specialized dry cleaners. Remember that leather is skin and are very susceptible to the absorption of these fluids.

Tips and recommendations:
• Use a special cleansing cream leather and a soft cloth to ensure durability.
• Do not use any detergent or chemicals to clean one of our bags.
• Never wash our leather products in washing machine.
• Try to alternate your bags to reduce wear.
• Never dip one of our leather goods.
• Never store the handbag in a plastic bag.
• Clean regularly with a soft, dry cloth.
• Never leave your bags in the sun.
• The cleaning of the clothes should be performed in specialized dry cleaners.
• It is advisable to keep the clothes in bags, open weave that allows ventilation to the product, such as the product thus delivered condensation of moisture that can damage the preservation of the material is avoided.
• Contact with dyes, perfumes, makeup, alcohol, oils, sealants, caulks and solvents cause deterioration of the material irretrievably.
• Never use: Glycerin Soap, abrasive cleaners, varnish, detergent or other cleaning products, alcohol or ammonia water.

Special Materials:

Chamois chamois leathers finished deserve special treatment.
• a specific protector for chamois is recommended (although they may alter the color).
• Avoid rubbing with other garments tend to lose color (eg. Jean)
• Avoid contact with surfaces with dust, grease, moisture, etc.
• Contemplate that can transfer color to other items eg. light fabrics

Metallics: Leathers with metallic finishes deserve extra care
• They are sensitive to friction.
• With the friction can wear their original luster and color.

Hair: Hair is a luxury material and therefore requires special care
• They are sensitive to friction.
• With the friction can wear.